Scholarships are awarded only to graduating high school students living in Orange County, CA for academic excellence, outstanding community service, need, school and community leadership. Applicants are interviewed and chosen by a committee of We Give Thanks, Directors.

Here are the 2018 exceptional recipients:

Karina Love, Angelica Cadondon, Samantha Yao, Frank Garcia, Janel Nguyen, Brenda Brito, Cody Tran
(in order from left to right)

Here are the 2016-2017 exceptional recipients:

From Left to Right: James Yellow, Samantha Cadondon, Nhi Truong, Frank Garcia, Jacob Lord and Isabela Kimmel
Not Pictured: Tracy Nguyen and Vivian Tran 

Isabela A. Kimmel 

Orange County School of the Arts
Attending UCLA

Why do I volunteer?

“Volunteering is having the confidence and motivation to lead within and outside your community, no matter your age because you are passionate about an issue and want to do something about it.”

Samantha Cadondon
Loara High School
Attending UC Irvine

Why do I volunteer?

“I volunteer because I want to give back. This life and this country have given me bounteous opportunities and I cannot help but want to contribute back in order to bring about more positive change.”

Nhi Truong

Western High School
Attending UCLA

Why do I volunteer?

“In a world of “I’ll do this for you so you have to do something back,” to say,  “I’ll do this for you simply because I want to do something for you,” resonates within the hearts of others. I volunteer because I strive for this resonation.”

Jacob Lord

Servite High School
Attending Concordia University Wisconsin

Why do I volunteer?

“When kids in high school think of volunteering they don’t think it can be enjoyable and it’s just a burden they have to do to graduate, but it’s so much more than that. It’s about giving back to the community and helping those who are less fortunate.  As much as I have impacted the kid’s lives that I have worked with, they have impacted mine much more.”

James Yellow

Savanna High School
Attending UC Berkeley

Why do I volunteer?

“I volunteer because I see the common thread that ties everyone together, I am driven to put my best foot forward in finding ways to keep that valuable thread of community strong and steady.”

Vivian Tran

Savanna High School
Attending UC Berkeley

Why do I volunteer?

“I am able to connect my school, social and volunteering life to not only gain a new set of skills sets, but to build connections with so many diverse peoples that I would not have had the confidence to start a conversation with them otherwise; the fact that everyone, regardless of their background or where they came from can get involved in whatever they want is empowering.”

Tracy Nguyen

Katella High School
Attending UCLA

Why do I volunteer?

“Through my work as a community servant, I’m able to make a large difference in my community, directly impacting the lives of my family, classmates, and neighbors. Every child has grand dreams of changing the world but by volunteering, I actually can.  All I have to do is stand up, serve my community, and make the world a better place.”